2016 Spring Paro Festival Event


Festival event in Bhutan is an ancient culture, which happens all year round in every nook and corner of the country. Essentially, the event symbolizes Buddhism tradition believed to carry karmic significance. In Buddhism context, the religious festivals are held to honor the great Buddhism master, the Guru Rinpochhe who introduced Buddhism in Bhutan in the eighth century.

Temples, Monasteries and the giant fortress are the main venues of the religious events. Generally, it is held on the auspicious, tenth day of every lunar month. Tenth day is widely regarded as a birthday of Guru Rinpochhe. However, the event month will vary from place to place.

paro fest one

On overage the festival will last for four days. During the festival various mask dances and diverse regional cultural programs will be showcased. The respective monastic community is the primary host of the event. The event participants carry out rigorous practices way before the event date in order to comply with strict religious performance requirements. Flawed showcase of mask dances is believe to bring bad omen.

In the social context, festival event is the time of reunion of friends and families. Every local people will immerse into tradition of treating themselves with best of the traditional wear and mouth weathering family picnic lunch being preserved for this event only.

paro fest two

So for international tourists festival events are the best option to experience the authentic Bhutanese culture. One can mingle with fun loving local people and get to learn more about Bhutan.

The upcoming Spring Paro festival for the year 2016 is scheduled to take place from 19th to 23rd of March. In fact this particular festival is the biggest crowd-drawing event amongst many others happening at the same time. For your curiosity to learn more about the Spring Paro festival we have handcrafted a special program. You might follow the below link to access the program.

paro fest three

Cultural dance performance by RAPA band


paro Fest four

Festival Dance


paro fest five

Dressed in a traditional wear


paro fest six

Dance of lord of cremation

2016 Paro Festival Program