Bhutan amongst 14 coolest places to visit in 2016


Bhutan has been named amongst 14 coolest places to visit in 2016 by the Forbes International News. By virtue of its unique tourism system and a policy of high value low impact tourism, the country has its best tourism system practice in place.

Officially, tourism was commenced in 1974 coinciding with the coronation of the fourth King of Bhutan and since then, Bhutan is deemed as a high-end tourism destination in the world. For those who want to travel to Bhutan will have to buy the premium package set by the national state tourism, the tourism council of Bhutan. That is one will have to pay minimum of USD 250 per night which will cover their expense for hotel, transportation, guided tour and all meals.


Autumn colour of Paro Valley, 2015

The very reason for having this stringent tourism regulation in place is that, firstly Bhutan is a very small country with barely under million populations that is highly susceptible to get eroded by the negative impact of mass tourism. Secondly, from infrastructure standpoint, Bhutan has a limited tourists carrying capacity and especially during the high tourist season the tourism destinations in Bhutan faces lots of infrastructure inadequacy. Thirdly, from country’s mandate to practice and promote gross national happiness philosophy, the high value low impact tourism system has been a successful tool to preserve its rich environment and unique cultural value and identity.

In the context of present tourism tend of Bhutan; there are lots of people from around the world visiting Bhutan and many others ready to pay the minimum government tariff still. Besides, the international luxury hotel chains based in Bhutan has set the tourism standard even higher and in order to visit Bhutan with them, the daily cost is between USD 700-1500. Of course their services are unparalleled and such practices are in vibrant practice still.


Paro valley under the spell of magical evening sun set

And as a small and exotic destination Bhutan offers diverse holiday option and tastes. In fact the entire Bhutan travel experiences are eco tourism driven and you will see discover the undiscovered miracles here. It is worth visiting and you will have more to take than to give.