Bhutan Festival Event -The Tshechu


The religious festival events in Bhutan play a very significant role in the context of attracting international tourists in the country besides its manifold tourism products in offer. Of the entire religious festival event, Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang Jambay Lhakhang Festival are the pinnacles, driving  highest number of attendees at different time of the year. However, Bhutan does have several other festivals, which are equally significant happening all year round including the summer and winter months luring good volume of international visitation.

Paro festival, which takes place in Paro in the late March and first week of April, records the highest international tourist inflow of the Spring Season. This is by virtue of the finest weather and glorious spring beauty bridging a perfect gateway to the rest of the seasons. This time of the year favors all kind of tourism activities, be it cultural tours, adventure activities like hiking, mountain biking, river rafting and hardcore adventures like snowman treks and others. Add on it is also a very romantic time to escape on honeymoon holiday in spring paradise.


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Thimphu Festival on the other hand is suitably timed at the onset of autumn season adorned by refreshing feasts of breathtaking golden colour of terraced rice  field . The festival has its attendance from all over the country and abroad. And by far there isn’t any festival of this kind in the country that can match its massive attendees both from home and abroad. Thimphu festival is simply an amazing. It is at this time of year by the very fact of its pleasant climatic condition, that massive international tourists are propelled into Bhutan. Moreover, several other holiday activities be it adventure or culture are at the peak of its favorability.

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Further, the iconic Jambay Lhakhang Drup, literally meaning the celebration of temple consecration hoists a unique showcase of religious festival dance called the naked dance making a very special feature of the event. This religious event was commissioned to grace the completion of one of the oldest Buddhism temple, Jambay Lhakhang. It was built in 6th century by the prominent Tibetan King Tsongtsen Gampo, prior to the advent of Buddhism by Guru Rinpochhe. The main event spans up to four days in the month of October or early November. The Me-Wang, in literal term means fire blessing is an integral part of the festival being conducted to formally inaugurate the event. Because of its reverence, sacredness, sanctity and uniqueness, under the chilly winter climatic condition, multitude folks both international and local pour to grace this religious event. Moreover, Bumthang is famed for housing several  historical  Buddhism sites offering plenty of opportunities for cultural exploration. Furthermore, its eye captivating natural beauty and surreal landscapes form its integral part as a tourism destination. Bumthang is simply mind blowing and it is a must visit place in Bhutan.

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Therefore, in the general context of festival events of Bhutan, it vehemently enriches the personal quest of travellers with the truest Bhutanese culture, tradition and Buddhism history of Bhutan. It offers visitor an authentic approach to come in one to one contact with local folks to experience an ancient way of Bhutanese life lit up by the halo of cultural glamour. You will best understand the essence of Bhutanese way of life if and only you attend this so called Tshechu, meaning the religious festival.

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