Druk Wangyel Festival


Crafted on its unique history and extraordinary national significance, the Druk Wangyel festival event is the only of its kind in the country. Unlike other religious festivals, this particular festival features its own composition genera born through the genius of ordinary human creation.

Held on the thirteenth day of December annually, the static date signifies the day of war declaration against the insurgent from the neighboring boarder of Assam, India in 2003 by the Royal Bhutan Army and the Commander in chief, the fourth King of Bhutan in joint collaboration with the boarder security force of India. This event has successfully marked the end of national security threat imposed by the boarder insurgent for more than two decades in the Bhutanese soil.

So in commemorating the victory over this historic flushing out of insurgent and in harmonizing peace and stability in the country and across the world, Her Majesty the grand queen mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck initiated the construction of magnificent 108 heaps of jewel structures, locally known as chhorten at the prominent site of Dochula pass. In 2004 construction of this impressive stupas was completed.


traditional ceremony procession

Following, the construction of Druk Wangyel Lhakhang was initiated on a scenic hilltop overlooking the 108 chhortens. The temple houses beautiful wall paintings depicting the history of Bhutan and some cartoon murals of the fourth king of Bhutan being portrayed in the southern jungle at the time of militant flush out event. The construction work was completed in 2008 and it was dedicated to commemorate the 100 years of monarchy in country.

In 2011 this unique Druk Wangyel Festival was introduced in remembering the scarifies that our beloved fourth king and the Royal Bhutan Army had put to safeguard the security of the country. Dasho Karma Ura, a revered living historian of Bhutan and the president of Centre for Bhutan Studies had commissioned the composition of festival dances under the patronage of Her Majesty the grand queen mother, Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck.

festival dance

The dance of Heroes

main venue

The main venue of the festival event

Today you will this illustrious festival of warriors and heroes at the venue amidst cleared forest spot behind the Druk Wangyel Lhakhang. You will witness different types of mask dances performed by the Royal Bhutan Army personnels and cultural dance by the band from Royal Academy of Performance and Art. The festival starts from 9 am till 2:45pm. The Royal family members and people form different walks of life attend the event. Besides, the festival also draws significant numbers of foreign tourists, despite of its cold winter season.

marchang ceremony

Posing to pay tribute to the King

victory ceremony

Ceremonial procession

khamdo dance

The dance of Angels


The spectators

milerapa one

Milerapa, the famous Tibetan Yogi


The Clown


Event attendees

milerapa two

The dance of protective guardian


Local cultural dance


Immersing in cultural values


Yogi Milerapa

couple dance

Celebrating the dance of elegance


Happy tourist capturing the moments

nikon photographer



Beauty of moment

solo danceer

Showcase of ancient cultural values


Event Photography


Hidden mysticism


Nurturing cultural values


Art and Culture

bhutanese culture

Sense of belonging


Waves of cultural elegance

old man

Custodian of cultural values