Week End Market | Thimphu


Settled on the left flank (South – North direction) of Wangchu River, the weekend market is the biggest of its kind in the country. It is conveniently located just below the main central business district of the capital city, Thimphu. Approximately sixty thousand residents of Thimphu visit the market during the weekend.


The market displays rich collection of both local and imported agriculture products. The local vendors occupy the upper story designated, as organic farmers market and their main produce are fresh seasonal and locally grown vegetables and fruit and some being collected from the wild. Also you will see different types of dried vegetable for sell. The local vendors are typically rural farmers from every nook and corner of the country who travel to the capital city to fetch good price.


Dried Red Chilli

Similarly, the organic market also houses diary and incense sections. The popular diary products are freshly produced local cheese and butter. Other item includes local eggs and dried bundled pork strips, which Bhutanese are very fond of. Also some unique dried products such as dried cheese beads made from Yak’s milk are sold here. Further, in the close vicinity of organic vegetable market, you will find wide variety of incense in the form of powder and stick with pleasing odor. The raw material used to make incense are herbal plants grown at high altitude mountains of Bhutan.

On the other hand the ground floor market comprises the largest vegetable space including a small fruits market corner. Circa eighty percent of their vegetable are imported from the nearest boarder town of Jaigon, India. The vendors occupying the ground space are mostly settlers from the capital town.

At the nearest south part of the market lie local cereal stalls where all kinds of locally grown rice are sold. The popular being the red rice and other varieties of white rice like Bonday and so on. Here, the vendors also sell produce like puffed and bitten rice which goes very well as a side dish with tea and coffee.

Crossing the traditional bridge on the opposite to vegetable market lie a group of stalls. Here you will find local souvenir shops and imported garment stalls selling their produces at affordable prices.

In conclusion, the weekend market in Thimphu is a must visit place by the tourists, as you will be able to witness local people from different walks of life. And typically the farmers who travel all way form village to Thimphu to sell their produces will be an interesting highlights. You can engage in one to one conversation and get to learn about rural way of life.


Organic section | Produce from southern Bhutan



Fresh Organic Vegetable and Fruits



Local products






Ground floor vegetable market