Welcome notes from the Founder


Welcome onboard to the official blog page of Adventure Planet Travels. Stay tuned and update yourself with refreshing  feasts of happenings of travel and tourism spheres of destination Bhutan. We aspire to engage everyone into our creatively crafted presentation about Bhutan, a globally revered destination of absolute exclusivity.

Often pronounced as the last surviving Shangri La in the eastern Himalaya frontier, Bhutan captures the mind of those wanderlust souls aspiring to enter a world which is least disturbed by the storm of fast developing culture of western world. This is Bhutan and happiness is what every people contemplate as a bedrock of life and its purpose. People live frugal yet meaningful life here. We call it a rare and harmonious existence on the planet.

In conjunction, traveling to Bhutan offer visitors a very unique experience in the context of authenticity. And for those driven by dreams to experience luxury, Bhutan certainly would  be a wrong pick. Having said this however, luxury could be afforded but only in the accommodation sector which does not cater promising as far as varieties and options are concerned. And beyond the perishable nature of luxury and comfort Bhutan offers something valuable which will be etched forever in your life!

Aside, Bhutan retains a phenomenal reputation of its unspoiled cultural and historical prestige which has rolled down from the ancient and time immemorial. This priceless cultural icons and its intact originalities are beautifully portrayed in the way of Bhutanese life. For the western world Bhutan is no more than a practical living museum where the present and past are intertwined in perfect harmony.

Therefore, in pursuit of our enthusiasm to bridging a tiny world of Bhutan with the rest of the places abroad, we at adventure planet travels will ensure every endeavour to bring in something interesting, engaging and fascinating about Bhutan. So please keep checking our posts.